Bravo TV activate

Let us first look into what exactly is Bravo:

Bravo is one of the prominent pay-TV Network which is acquired by NBC Universal Television and the Streaming division of NBC Universal, an associate of Comcast.

Originally, its channel operated to telecast contents which pertained to fine arts and pictures, yet, now in present times it is recognised for broadcasting various reality TV series, original and acquired dramas, featured films etc.

The Bravo TV channel can be accessible in most of the Streaming media, Satellite, Cable Systems and IPTV.

To stream it’s channel on the streaming device like Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Roku, Apple TV devices you require to activate channel page.

So if you wish to learn on how to perform Bravo TV Activate then read this page till the end to achieve the provided information.

How to activate Bravo TV on Android TV:

The steps you need to follow are:

  1. Turn ‘On’ Android TV:

    Firstly, you must turn the Android TV ‘ON’.

  2. Go to ‘Google Play Store’:

    Then move to its Google Play Store section.

  3. Search for ‘Bravo TV’

    Next step is to search for the Bravo TV in the search bar of Google Play Store.

  4. ‘Download’ and ‘Install’ the App:

    Now, once you get the application of Bravo TV you must download and then install the app on the device.

  5. Launch the Bravo TV App to get the ‘Activation Code’:

    After the successful installation of the app you have to launch Bravo TV on your device in order to get the code of activation.

  6. Note the activation Code:

    When you open the app of Bravo TV in the Android TV device the code will get displayed on its screen which is needed to be noted. As the code will be wanted for the completion of the process on activation.

  7. Go to www.bravotv/activatenow website:

    In the next step, you must visit the Bravo activation page through this link in the web browser of the Computer or Phone device.

  8. Enter the ‘Activation Code’:

    Now you will be prompted to enter the activation code in the given box.

  9. Click on Continue/Activate/Submit option:

    Then, click the option on Continue/Activate/Submit whichever is given.

  10. Follow the instructions provided on-screen:

     Lastly, make sure to follow all the instructions carefully that are provided on-screen so as to complete the process of activation easily in order to stream Bravo TV on the Android television.

How to do Bravo Activate Apple TV:

Here are the steps that you need to perform:

  1. Turn ‘ON’ Apple TV and move to ‘App Store’:
    To begin with, you need to turn on the Apple TV device and then directly move to its App Store section.
  2. Search for ‘Bravo TV’ and hit on the ‘Search’ tab:
    Next, in the App Store, go to the search bar and type ‘Bravo TV’ to get the app and hit the tab on search.
  3. Download and Install Bravo TV app:
    Now, from your search outcome click on Bravo TV app to download and then install it on the Apple TV.
  4. Launch the Bravo TV to receive ‘Activation code’:
    Once the installation is done, launch the TV on your device to receive the code for activation.
  5. Note the activation code:
    The code will be displayed on your device screen once you launch the app. Make sure to note down the code.
  6. Visit at
    After this, open the web browser on the mobile or computer and visit the activation page of Bravo TV through the official Bravo TV website.
  7. Enter the Activation Code:
     In this step, you have to enter the activation code which was noted by you before in the activation page.
  8. Click on ‘Submit’ button:
    Then, click the button on Submit.
  9. Perform the on-screen instructions:
    At last make sure to thoroughly perform the instructions prompted on-screen so as to complete Bravo Apple Tv Activate process  successfully.

How to perform Bravo TV Activate Roku device:

The following steps are required to perform for the activation of Bravo TV on Roku:

  • Navigate to ‘Roku Channel Store’:
    At first, navigate to your Channel Store on Roku on the Roku device.
  • Find ‘Bravo TV’ app:
    Next, with the help of the search bar find the application of Bravo TV.
  • Select ‘Bravo TV’:
    Now, from the findings of the search select Bravo TV, which will get you the preview page of the Bravo TV app.
  • Tap on ‘Add Channel’ to install:
    Then on the preview page, tap the Add Channel option to install the application on the Roku device.
  • Press the’ Home’ key to move to the Roku Home screen:
    After this, press on the home key of the Roku remote to get back to the home screen once the installation is done.
  • Launch the App to get the ‘Activation Code’
    Then you need to launch the application on Bravo TV and also follow any prompts if given to get the activation code.
  • Go to
    Once you get the code, go to the activation page of Bravo TV through the web browser of your PC or mobile by visiting the link provided.
  • Type the Activation Code:
    In this step, you must type in the activation code in the given field.
  • Hit on the ‘Submit’ tab:
    Then, hit the tab on Submit.
  • Follow the instructions prompted on-screen:
    Lastly, follow all the instructions that are prompted on-screen to successfully finalize the process of activation.

How to Activate Bravo Fire TV:

The steps on Bravo Activate Fire TV are as follows:

  1. Turn ‘On’ Amazon Fire TV:
    Firstly, turn the Amazon Fire TV to ‘On’.
  2. Go to its Home screen:
    On the home screen, click on ‘Apps’ from the top listed menu.
  3. Search for the ‘Bravo TV’:
    On the Fire TV App screen, search for the Bravo TV in the search bar and hit the ‘Search’ option to get the result.
  4. Select Bravo TV to Download and Install:
    Now, from the result, select Bravo TV to download and then install it on the Amazon Fire TV device.
  5. Launch the App to get the activation code:
    After the successful installation of the app, you need to launch the app on your device in order to get the activation code on the screen of your device.
  6. Visit at
    From the web browser of the PC or mobile, you need to visit bravo. now/activate the Fire TV activation page when you get the code.
  7. Enter Activation code:
    Next, you must enter the code that is provided to you in the given field.
  8. Tap on ‘Activate’:
    Tap the Activate button to proceed further.

Make sure to follow all the instructions that are prompted on-screen to conduct the process of activation successfully on Bravo TV Activate Fire Stick.

Final Say:

So here, we present you the methods step by step that you require to follow in order to activate Bravo TV app on your desired device such as Roku, Android, Amazon, Apple TV through the page by following these simple and easy steps.

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