How to Activate your Sears Card

Like to shop at Sears, then you must surely go for consideration to get the Sears MasterCard to receive the benefits such as getting discounts whenever you make a purchase at any of the Sears Company stores which includes Sears Grand, Sears Auto Centers, Kmart, Sears Hardware etc.

Moreover you will be endowed with a surplus of benefits and bonuses.

To have a Sears MasterCard is also assumed to get a prized ownership for the perks it possess like car rentals and roadside assistance.

Since the Sears credit card comes with such amazing features, it seems necessary to activate Sears card. Therefore, in this blog we will discuss the method on ‘How to activate your Sears Card’. 

But before you go for the activation process you must go through the agreement of the Cardholder very thoroughly.

There’s a saying like: To save money is a form of art and everyone cannot master it. But if we say that you had already half-mastered on saving cash by simply obtaining the Sears MasterCard won’t be wrong. But you need to activate the Sears Card in order to earn the maximum of it.

The process to activate Sears Card MasterCard is not a hard task, one can easily perform the process of activation to get their card activated for use.

Benefits to procure a Sears MasterCard:

Listed below are some of the benefits that a Cardholder of Sears will receive in plenty:

  • Annual Fee ‘NIL’: Unlike the credit cards from various dominating bank firms, the card from Sears enables its users to collect all its advantages and gifts without assessing any annual fee.
  • It provides Security and Protection: It also offers to relish a $0 penalty on the Citi Identity Theft and legal assets.
  • Funding options: You can also relish upon its outstanding financing on some of the selected sectors at Sears & Kmart.
  • To obtain more points: With the MasterCard one can also earn additional points at restaurants, gas stations and many more.

How to activate Sears MasterCard:

There are three methods through which one can Activate Sears Credit Card to enjoy its benefits. They are:

  1. Online method
  2. Over the Phone
  3. Via Mail

Let us go through these method one by one in detail below:

1. How to Activate Sears Card Online:

The online method is considered to be one of the most used, easiest and simplest methods to activate the Sears Credit Card.
The steps to activate my Sears Card Online are stated as follows:

  1. Go to the online portal:

    At first, you must go to sears website through your preferred internet browser.

  2. Navigate to its Activation Page:

    Then, you need to navigate to the official activated page of Sears.

  3. Enter the required credentials:

    Next, you have to enter some of the required details and information to proceed further.

  4. Visit the Sears MasterCard Activation Page:

    Now, you must visit the Sears Credit Card activation page.

  5. Provide the Sears Card activation number:

    In the next step, you need to provide your card number to activate.

  6. Hit on ‘Continue’

    Then, hit the button on ‘Continue’

  7. Enter the details asked:

    Now you must enter some of the details like: Name (same as it is mentioned on the Card),
    Security Code,
    SSN number (i.e Social Security number).

  8. Tap on ‘Verify’ option:

    Lastly, tap the ‘Verify’ option to get verified the details provided by you.

Once it is done, the Sears MasterCard gets activated. Now, you can use your card at the Sears Hometown Stores, Sears Hardware, Sears Essentials, Sears Auto Centers, Sears Grand, and to avail the discounts.

2. How to activate my Sears Card over the Phone:

If you face any difficulty in the Online Mood, then you can sort to the Offline method i.e through the Phone mood.

  • Citibank possesses Customer Support Service which remains available 24*7, to receive every call for resolving your queries.
  • Dial to its official toll-free number at 1-800-97-7700.
  • During this process, the representative may ask you to verify your details. So you must make sure to keep your personal information ready before proceeding to the activation process. Keep with you the number of Sears MasterCard, Name mentioned on the Card, the Date of Birth, and your Social Security number.
  • When the rep verifies the identity which is delivered by you, then the card will be activated within few minutes, then you will be able to use the card.

3. How to activate Sears Card MasterCard through a Mail:

This method seems a bit dreary on comparing to the ones which are stated above.

  • Compose a letter to the Sears official.
  • Provide all your details that are needed to activate Sears MasterCard number such as the name on the Card, SSN, Birth Date etc.

Penning down:

Hence, we have tried to fetch you all the relevant information that you may require to activate Sears MasterCard in a very reasonable way so that you can do the activation without facing any problem. We advice you to contact the Sears Customer Support team service for guidance if you face any sorts of difficulty while dealing with the Sears Credit Card Activation process.