Twitch error 3000

Twitch error 3000 is the common error linked with the twitch app. When this type of issue occurs, the screen will display a media resource decoding error. You will not be able to watch or show cast video from your Twitch account.

Let’s have a steady look and study what is twitch error 3000 and how to fix it.

Twitch 3000 Media resource decoding error arises on your chrome when you start streaming videos. The reason for occurring this type of error is linked to HTML5 of the system.

As it is clearly stated that error is due to twitch media decoding which is related to the web modules or HTML5.

Before going into a detailed discussion to fix the issue you can choose an alternate browser. Chrome is not useful for Twitch and if you use an alternate program then your issue might be fixed.

Twitch 3000 media decoding error

There are few causes for the error 3000 media resource decoding occurring on Twitch:-

  • Sometimes HTML5 devices may not respond.
  • The internet you are using may have the latest Flash Player which might not support your device.
  • Due to cache and bad cookies can result in to cause an error in your device.
  • If you configure your internet connectivity with the VPN. This is also another cause for an error message.

Now let’s proceed with the solution for twitch error 3000

How to fix twitch error code 3000?

There are various fixes for the 3000 error twitch :

1. Clear the cache and cookies  to fix the 3000 error in firefox

If you clear your history or cookies from the firefox then the problem that you are facing will get fix and you will able to stream videos.

Here the points you need to follow for clearing your cache:

i) Firstly, go to the chrome browser and tap to open it.

ii) Now, click on the Settings tab.

iii) In settings you need to tap on the Advanced option.

iv) Now choose the “Privacy and Security” settings.

v) After this hit on the “Clear browsing data”.

vi) A list will pop up, here you need to choose the “All time” tab and click on check all options.

vii) Now tap the “Clear browsing data” option.

Once you clear your cache or history you need to confirm by streaming any videos on Twitch.

If you do not want your device to show any error then install a PC Cleaner so that it can keep your storage clean. You can also scan the files and check what sort of files you want to keep and which you wish to delete permanently.

3. Switch off the Hardware Accelerator 

Hardware accelerator is a component that utilizes PC’s equipment rather than programming delivering to perform certain capacities on your PC productively. 

Indeed, it helps in decreasing the burden on your software and offers you generally better execution. However, in specific cases, it generates issues with the programs. You can disable the hardware acceleration to solve the issue.

The steps to be followed to disable the hardware acceleration:

i) Firstly, go to the Chrome browser from your pc.

ii) Then search for the settings tab.

iii) When you find the settings option then click on it. A list will open up. 

iv) Now scroll down and select Advanced tab.

v) Go to the option System and click on it.

vi) You will find  “Use hardware acceleration when available”, you need to untick the box. The hardware acceleration is now disabled.

If the problem is not fixed then you should turn on the enable button.

4. Third-party cookies to be enabled

When you surf your browser cookies get stored in the browser. With the help of the cookies, you can get a better experience. 

But in some cases, third-party cookies are not welcomed. The browser you are using currently might not support the third party and it might cause error 3000.

To enable it here the following steps to be followed:

i) First and foremost, visit the site you are currently encountering the trouble.

ii) Next, you need to find a cookie tab available near the address bar.

iii) Tap the icon and a list will be displayed on your screen.

iv) Now, choose the tab ‘Always allow <website> to set cookies’.

v) Once you click on it the third party cookies will be enabled on your device.

vi) Lastly, type the Twitch URL on the address bar and restart the browser. Also, check if the issue is resolved.

5. Try the incognito mode

Follow the steps mentioned below:

i) Go to the Chrome or Firefox browser whichever is suitable for you.

ii) Tap on the three-dot available at the right side of your page.

iii) Tap New Incognito Window.

iv) Now in incognito mode try to open the twitch tv.

v) Check if you can stream videos.

6. Download twitch on your desktop 

You can launch the twitch app on your desktop if you cannot load videos on twitch through browsers.

The desktop version is far better than the other versions as there are various features along with different tools which make the app unique.

Hence, there are different solutions for fixing the twitch 3000 error. You can select any one solution to fix the issues. If any queries regarding the fixes write to us in the email section of twitch.

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