Comcast Activate Cable Box

You bought a Comcast cable TV box, you need to activate it before receiving channels on it. There are methods to activate the box i.e. via online or by contacting Comcast using a phone number.

The Xfinity cable box can be directly activated from the TV. Comcast does not activate the used purchased cable boxes. You cannot activate the cable box without Comcast.

How to Activate Comcast for free?

The first thing you need to do is install the New Cable Box for free.

Here are the steps to be followed:-

  1. Link the connection “Cable In or RF In” with the outlet of the cable wall

You need to use a coaxial wire to put together the connection, make sure that while connecting there is no pressure on the connectors otherwise you have to create a little space in the cable.

  1. Connect the HDMI to the port of the TV on the cable box

Use the HDMI that you receive with the cable box or any other HDMI if available. Mark the HDMI that you used on the TV so that later you can change it.

  • Different cable boxes of Comcast have numerous HDMI ports. Check that you are not using the HDMI Input port. If by mistake you did then change to HDMI Out port.
  • You can use a coax cable to link the “To TV/RF Out” port to the TV’s coax port if you do not have the HDMI port on the TV. This won’t bring about top-quality images.
  1. Connect your power adapter

You need to connect the power adapter to the outlet. Put the plug to the Power connector available behind the box.

  1. Switch the TV to the input

Always remember to connect the box to an HDMI input that fits the port. If utilizing a coax cable box is connected then you need to switch to a channel.

  1. Additional digital adapters need to be connected:

More than one TVs and also the coax outlets are active; you can then use the digital adapters to attach the Additional TVs to your cable. The adapters will connect to their outlet of the coax wall.

As you connect the regular box it is quite similar to connect a digital adapter. Attach to the wall outlet using a coax cable, and HDMI or in order to connect the TV with the adapter using a coax cable and after that connect the power adapter.

You need to check carefully that all the digital adapters are attached and the switch is on before proceeding to the activation procedure.

Activate my Comcast Cable Box

After installing and connecting the digital adapters let’s proceed to the steps to activate the cable box too for free.

  1. Turn the switch of the cable box on

    The cable box is required to turn on beforehand because if using it for the first time some boxes might take 20 minutes to start. If the Comcast cable box won’t turn on it won’t activate.

  2. Activate on the Comcast cable box online

    The fastest and easiest means to activate the box is by visiting the Activation site of Comcast:
    1. Go to
    2. Now type the account number and the phone number.
    3. You need to wait for a while so the activation process takes smoothly. It might take more than 20 minutes to execute the process.

  3. Activate the Comcast Cable Box using a number to call

    If you find any difficulty while using the online method the activate the Comcast via phone number:
    1. Take in hand all the necessary details such as the account number and the serial number of your cable box and also the serial numbers of digital adapters.
    2. Dial at -1-855-OK-BEGIN (1-855-652-3446).
    3. Type the number as requested when prompted, comprising the phone number related to the account.
    4. This might take 20 minutes to activate. You need to wait patiently.

  4. Use the Menu available on-screen for activating

    For Xfinity Comcast cable box activation you can use the on-screen mode.
    1. Fix the TV to Xfinity input and then the startup screen will pop up.
    2. Choose the language and wait for the Xfinity to start. It may take time to start for the first time and Xfinity needs to download the updates if any.
    3. Type the information instructed to verify the account such as the contact number, or the last 4 digits of the account number.
    4. Choose a name and wait till it activates. Wait for 20 minutes to complete the activation process.

Don’t believe any listing or review claiming to have Comcast TV cable boxes for sale. They will not activate, and are most likely stolen.

Try not to buy used cable boxes. All Comcast cable boxes are in possession of Comcast, and other people are not intended to sell the product. Purchasing the box from different sites like eBay, Craigslist, or some other sellers, Comcast won’t activate it since you cannot return the rental. You ought to just get the cable boxes from Comcast only for any new services, additions or replacements.

Try not to accept any posting or survey professing to have Comcast set top TV boxes available to be purchased. They cannot be activated and in most cases stolen.

Also make sure you cannot illegally activate the Comcast. You cannot move the cable box as it is illegal. Utilizing another person address with the cable  box comprises that you are using the services by theft. The cable box is required to be used within the location of your home or business at the location it is enlisted to by the chip in the box and the unique serial number inside the box.

After receiving the equipment you need to activate it within seven days otherwise the order processing system will impede with the process of activation.

If any queries regarding activation of Comcast Cable box you can reach the customer service for support.

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