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Discovery Go is one of the leading platforms for its outstanding programs and shows. Most of its events and shows do not require any fee and also you will be able to watch them online.

Even though the Channel application is free and not restricted yet you must have a television subscription via the cable tv provider in order to watch its content.

Discovery Go supports streaming media players like Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, and so on. This app is congenial to all and enables you to stream through Discovery Go easily.

In this article, we shall discuss the steps on ‘How to perform Discovery Go Activate’ on the streaming platform through backslash activate.

Let us go through the steps one by one depending on the device you use.

How to Activate Discovery Go on Apple TV device at

Here are the step explained to add Discovery Go on your Apple TV:

  1. To begin, first switch ON your Apple TV device.
  2. Now, from its home screen, move to the ‘App Store’ section.
  3. Next, type in the search bar as ‘Discovery Go’ to find the App.
  4. Once you locate the app, click the button on ‘Get’ to download the Discovery Go App on your device.
  5. After installation of the Discovery Go Channel, launch the app on the device.
  6. Now, a unique activation code will be displayed on the TV screen which you must note or copy it down.
  7. Next, from different devices like the computer or phone go to page from a desired web browser.
  8. In this step, you are required to enter the activation code in the provided box.
  9. Hit the ‘Activate’ button and your app on Discovery Go will be activated and you can access it shows on your Apple TV device.

How to perform Discovery Go on your Amazon FireStick device  through httpscolon//

The steps on the Discovery Go Activate Fire Stick device are as follows:

  • Firstly, turn ON your FireStick TV.
  • Then, navigate to the ‘Search’ tab in the Amazon Fire TV  Home Screen.
  • Find ‘Discovery Go’ Channel app by typing the name using the keyboard and then with the help of the search tab look for the App.
  • Hit the ‘Get’ button once you locate the app, to download and then install the channel on the FireStick device.
  • Once the installation is done, launch the App from its home screen to receive the activation code.
  • Note the ‘Activation Code’ which appears on the TV screen.
  • Then go to page from your preferred web browser through some other device like the computer or smartphone.
  • Next, enter the unique code in the given box which was noted by you earlier.
  • Now, you may be asked to select the Cable TV Provider.
  • Tap the option on ‘Activate’ to finish the activation process. The activation will be processed in a minute and then you can enjoy streaming the shows of Discovery Go on your FireStick device.

How to do Go Discovery Activate on your Roku device

There are two methods through which you can watch Discovery Go on your Roku. Both the methods are stated in detail below.

Method1: Activate Discovery Go with DirecTV Now:

  • To start, at first move to the ‘Home Screen’ of Roku.
  • Next, type as ‘DirecTV’ in the search tab.
  • Tap on the ‘Add Channel’ button to get DirecTV directly added to the Roku Channel list.
  • Now, launch the added DirecTV on your device.
  • On next, enter the sign in credentials of DirecTV in order to log in to the account on DirecTV.
  • Then go to the ‘Discovery Go’ Channel and click on it.
  • Once you launch the Discovery Go App, an activation code will appear on the screen. Make sure to note or copy it somewhere.
  • In the next step, visit at www.discoverygo/activate/direcTV page from some different device such as your phone or computer.
  • Fill the unique code in the provided field.
  • Now, select the DirecTV provider and then you are done. Now you can watch Discovery Go Channel on the Roku device.

Method2: Activation at discovery.go.comslashactivate:

  • In this method you must first switch ON the Roku and then directly navigate to your ‘Roku Channel Store’.
  • In the Channel store, locate ‘Discovery Go’ Channel App by using the ‘Search’ tab.
  • Hit the button on ‘Add Channel’.
  • When the app gets installed, launch the channel on your Roku device.
  • The ‘Activation Code’ will be displayed on your TV screen.
  • Now, go to the Discovery Go web link at page from some different device for example: Computer, tablet or mobile phone.
  • Next, enter the code in the given field.
  • Choose the ‘TV Provider’.
  • Lastly, hit the ‘Activate’ option and then you are done with the activation process.

How to Activate Discovery Go on Xbox device through

Here are the steps that we have covered to activate Discovery Go on your Xbox:

  1. In the first step, move to your ‘Xbox App Store’.
  2. By using the Search option, find the ‘Discovery Go’ Channel app.
  3. Click on ‘Get’ to receive the app on your device.
  4. Then launch the app to get the Discovery Go unique activation code on your Xbox screen.
  5. Now, visit at page either from your mobile or computer.
  6. Next, in the activation page, fill the code in the provided space noting it from the Xbox screen.
  7. Tap the ‘Activate’ button to complete the activation process of Discovery Go on the Xbox device.

How to Activate Discovery Go Channel on the Android TV

Go through each of the below steps to activate the App on an Android TV device:

  • Firstly, go to the section of  ‘App Store’.
  • Locate ‘Discovery Go’ app with the help of the Search option.
  • Click on the App to ‘Download’ and then hit the Install button.
  • Once the App gets installed, launch the Channel on your Android TV device.
  • A code of activation will appear on the screen. Ensure to note it down.
  • Then go to page from some different device.
  • Now fill the unique code which was noted by you in the given space.
  • Select on the ‘Activate’ tab to finish the procedure.

I Hope, it helps you during the activation process.

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