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How To Activate Google Assistant


Google Assistant Is An ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE(AI), Through Which You Can Take Any Information, Even By Just Speaking, You Don’t Even Need To Type, All You Have To Say Is “OK GOOGLE” And Speak Your Question, Which You Want To Know The Answer, After Listening To Your Question, Whatever Google Assistant Will Have The Right Information About Your Question, Google Assistant Will Give You The Information Related To Your Question.

Google Assistant Can Do A Lot Of Works Like If You Want To Know About The Weather, Then You Have To Speak “OK GOOGLE” How Is The Weather And Google Assistant Will Answer Your Question Correctly.


To Activate Google Assistant, First Of All, You Have To Go To Play Store And Install Google Assistant, And Nowadays, Every Android Phone Comes With Google Assistant App Installed. After Installing Google Assistant, Open It.  After Open The Google Assistant Click On The button Which Is On The Right Side Of the Bottom, After Clicking, Go To The Profile Icon And Click The Setting Button Then Go To The Basic Info. After Going To Basic Info, Fill Your Details Such As Nick Name, Birthday & Phone Number, By Filling All This Information, It Will Be A Benefit That Google Assistant Will Be Able To Identify You Easily. There Is Also An Option To Fill The Address Where You Can Fill Your Work Address Or Home Address Or Any Other Address, So That It Can Understand You Better As If You Have To Go To The Location, Which You Have Saved On Your Google Assistant, So That You Just Have To Tell Your Location To Google Assistant And It Will Show A Map Of Your Location In Front Of You. After This, You Have To Go To The Option Of Assistant And Select Your Language. You, Will, Get The Many Options Like Voice Match, Face Match, Home Control, Routines ETC, You Can Use These Options Also. Here You Will Get The Option Of Assistant Voice, By Clicking On It You Can Also Change The Voice Of Your Google Assistant.


  1. To Enable Google assistant In Your Phone Or Tab, Go To The play Store And Search Google App.
  2. If You Not Installed Google App, Then First Install It, If You Have Installed The App Then Update It.
  3. After This, Open The Google App, After Opening The App, Click On The MORE Button On The Right Side Of the Bottom.
  4. Next, Tap On The Option Of Settings, Then You Have To Click On The Settings Of Google Assistant.
  5. Then Click On The Assistant Option And Scroll Down.
  6. After Scrolling Down, Tap On The Phone Option And Enable Google Assistant.
  7. Next, Enable the” Access With Voice Match” Option, After Enable This Option Click On the “I Agree” Option.
  8. After This You Will Have To Speak In Your Voice What Will Be Seen On Your Screen And Say What You See On Your Screen, After Speaking, You Will See The “√” Sign, And Will Write “Complete” In Front Of This Sign.
  9. Then Click On the Finish button.
  10. Now You Are Ready To use Google Assistant.


  1. To Activate Google Assistant On iPhone, First Check Whether Your Device Is Running Higher Version Of iOS 12.
  2. Go To The App Store And Download The Google Assistant.
  3. Then Open The App, And Click On Button Which Is Right Side Of Corner.
  4. After This, You Will Get The Option To Add Google Assistant To SIRI, Click On Add To SIRI Option.
  5. Then You Will Be Asked To Record Your Voice, Now Add Your Voice To Say “Ok Google”.
  6. And That’s It, Now You Can Use Google Assistant In Your iPhone.


Unlock Phone

Open Your Google Assistant, After Opening, You Will Get A Blue Color Icon, Click On It Then You Will See The Three Dots Above, Click On It, After That You Have To Click On Settings Button And There You Will See The Phone Option, Click That Option, You Have To Click On The OK Google Detection Option, Then Enable Unlock With Voice Match Option And That’s It. After Doing All The Process, Turn Off Your Phone Screen And Say “Ok Google” And Your Phone Will Unlock.

Shopping list

For Shopping, We Required Shopping List, Google Assistant Will Help You To Make Your Shopping List. For Example; Say “Ok Google” Please Add Breads, Eggs, Spices In My List, After Adding Items In Your List Just Say, “Ok Google” Show My Shopping List, And That’s All You Have To Do.

Screen Shot

Many Times It Happens That You Are Doing Some Work And At The Same Time You Have To Take A Screen Shot In Your Phone, So All You Have To Do Is To Say “Ok Google” Take A Screen Shot And You Will Be Done.

Search Music

To Use This Feature, You Have To Open Google Assistant And Say, Identify This Song Then Play The Song On Mike What You Are Searching For, And That’s It Google Assistant Will Give Your Song.

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