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If you are a fan of football, we can understand the eagerness and devotion towards the sport.

This article is for the fans of the NFL who are new and struggling hard to activate the channel on their devices using the link

We will also guide you with the steps to activate the channel on Roku, Fire TV, PS4, Apple TV and Xbox.

The NFL channel is considered as the promising football channel for fans. First, you need to subscribe to the network then you can watch what’s trending on the league or the favourite teams. If you have the NFL Game subscription pass then you can replay the regular-season game and find features for each game easily. Moreover, NFL Network had also launched the NFL App for Android, iPhone, and other streaming devices..

How can I Download an NFL App on different Streaming Devices using watch auth activation code?

In order to download the NFL app, just follow the steps below:-

i) Click on the streaming device and tap to open and after that go to the channel store.

ii) Next type the App, ‘NFL’ in the required field and tap the Enter tab.

iii) Download the app and next step, install the app on your device.

iv) Now, launch the app and fill in the activation code by visiting the link nfl com watch activate.

v) The code will pop up on the registered email or mobile number.

The activation code is valid for single use. If you enter a second time the system will again ask to enter the code.

How can I activate NFL on Roku by visiting

If you are a user of Roku player, and do not know how to activate the app on it then we will guide you with the procedure. Actually, the NFL app is available on the Roku Channel Store, and then type the NFL app on the search box. 

i) Firstly, launch the Roku device and then proceed to the homescreen.

ii) Then go to the streaming channels and type NFL to search the channel on the Search Channels tab.

iii) Pick the option “NFL” and after that tap the  “Add channel” tab to add the channel. You can now see the app on your Roku home screen.

iv) In order to start streaming you need to launch the app on the Roku gadget, and after that choose “Settings” from the menu list of the home screen.

v) Now, use the mobile phone or browser, click the link to get the authentication code on the email address or mobile number.

vi) Next, you need to sign in and enter the received code by clicking on the link, and now log in to the NFL Game Pass account.

With these steps you can effortlessly activate the channel on the Roku device.

How can I Activate the NFL app on Amazon Fire TV using

Amazon Fire TV does not require you to download the app as it has an official app already installed.

Here are the steps involved to activate the channel app on your Fire Stick or Fire TV:

i) As the app is installed beforehand you just have to launch the Fire TV and click the Settings tab.

ii) Next, search the NFL app and choose your device.

iii) Hit the mouse and tap “Connect” so that you can start streaming NFL game pass subscriptions on the Amazon gadget.

How to activate the NFL app channel on PS4 via

First and foremost, download the NFL channel on PS4 and sign in to the account.

Following are the steps to be followed:

i) Power on the PS4 gadget, and go to the home screen. After that click the option ‘TV & video’.

ii) You can also find the app on the PS4 app store. 

iii) Choose the Download option and then tap the install tab.

iv) Pick the cable TV provider, then click

the link and enter the activation code in the required field. 

v) Type the code and click the Continue tab thus completing the process.

How to activate NFL on Apple TV?

In order to watch the NFL channel on Apple TV you need to activate the channel on the device.

Following are the steps to be followed:

i) Firstly, go to the Apple TV home screen and then Launch the App Store.

ii) Now, search the app from the search option or scan through the app list.

iii) Once you find the app click on Get option to start the download process and after that install it.

iv) Next thing you need to do is launch the app on Apple TV. You need to subscribe to the channel before launching it. 

v) Proceed to log in to the NFL Game Pass app, and you will receive an activation code on the TV with a set of instructions for activation.

vi) If you did not receive the code, you can simply click the Settings tab and find the code.

vii) After you received the code, now launch a browser on your mobile phone or pc whichever is available and click on the link You will be directed to the NFL Game Pass activation page.

viii) Type the activation code in the given box and tap the Continue button.

ix) Next, go through the instructions shown on the screen and complete the process.

x) After completing the process you can now access the NFL Game Passapo on the Apple TV.

Activate the NFL Game Pass on your Xbox

If you desire to watch the NFL league of the latest season or any regular seasons you can enjoy watching on your Xbox by following the few steps that are mentioned below:

i) Click the Power button to turn on the Xbox.

ii) Visit the Channel store and search for the NFL App.

iii) Then, click the app to download and install it.

iv) Next, click the Menu tab and hit the option “activate channel”.

v) Choose your cable TV provider from the available list and click A new page pops up and you need to enter the activation code in the required field.

vi) A message will be sent to you after completing the activation process successfully.

These steps are simple and easy. You need to just follow the steps carefully and also make sure to enter the activation code correctly so that the process completes quickly.

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