Privacy Policy values the trust of loyal users. To enhance the interface of our website, we gather worthy feedback from our real users and implement them as soon as possible. For that, we may collect your personal information such as- Name, Date Of Birth, Gender, Email Address, etc. It will help us to provide you better and unswerving knowledge about your findings.

All the data that are collected by us are stored in our secluded cloud server, no one other than our officials is able to find your data. Therefore, you do not need to panic, trust us, we will never share anything without your concerns. We may collect your non-personal information such as- Internet service providers and the operating system of your device to improve engagement. Name of the application and model of the computer and non-personal identity information for simple users. stores the non-personal and personal user identification details after you connect to the website.  Don’t feel terror as this is done to secure you from malware and protect your user experience. 

Cookies are collected to improve the user experience and boost the culture of our website. The Web server uses cookies in order to store and monitor data on your hard disc. Users can choose to disable or alert cookies when they are uploaded to your websites. Be conscious that the website’s sections are not working properly if you reject  the cookies option therefore choose wisely.

In, we are pledged to offer you the best information available and protect your data from the virtual cacodemon. Be wise and gain calmness with All the data stored by us is only for boosting the engagement and email addresses are only captured to notify our loyal users about future events and resolve their queries.