Straight Talk Activate

Straight Talk is known as MVNO which means a mobile virtual network operator. It does not have any tower of its own but it provides coverage by having partnered with more than one network system.

It has its 4 Big networks such as-

  • Sprint
  • Verizon
  • T-Mobile
  • AT&T

How to activate Straight Talk

It is America’s best no-contract wireless plan. It is established by TracFone and Walmart. You can find different plans and choose which will be suitable for you. The plan comprises of $30 and 

$45, one “All You Need” plan which consists of 1,000 minutes for 1 month and the other one is the Unlimited plan, suitable for smartphone devices that includes unlimited data, text and call.

Let’s find out how to activate a Straight Talk Phone:

  • Choose a device as per your choice
  • Buy the sim card
  • Activate the plan

You need to find a phone of your choice and here include a few steps to perform the activation process:-

  1. Check the location on the website to review the plans:

Firstly, you need to check that your area is suitable for the plan that you are going to use. Search the URL-

  • TracFone provides the phone to know the system coverage by using the networks of AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon.
  • Select from the list of devices that you would wish to have with you or bought beforehand. 
  1. The device that you are currently using:

If you bought a phone with a different plan then you need to call the wireless provider of the plan that you are using to unlock the phone.

  1. Purchase from the Website:

Go to the website of the mobile network and then purchase the unlocked phone that is usable in your region.

  1. Buy an unlocked smartphone:

You can choose any device like Samsung Galaxy or iPhone. You can get them from  Walmart or any third party website. Here, Walmart provides a one-month unlimited plan with refurbished phones with a mobile operator.

Thus, with the above instructions, you can be able to choose what type of phone is suitable for your plan and also accessible in your region.

Next topic is purchasing the sim card

  1. Check the compatibility

You need to test if the Straight Talk gadgets can function on a GSM or CDMA network and it will rely upon both the wireless network and model of your phone.

  • Those gadgets that function on the CDMA network will have “C” as a letter in the model number.
  • Those gadgets that function on the GSM network will have “G” as a letter in the model number.
  1. Buy an activation pack from Walmart

 Walmart is an authorised provider of activation of the pack. If you buy both the sim and the plan card together then it will be easy for you to activate the pack and the process becomes faster.

  • You can find the pack at eBay Store and it is a resale stock.
  • The iPhone 4 and 4s are those models that require micro-SIM.
  1. Buy the SIM from the website

You need to purchase the Sim from the TracFone site. Search the URL and tap on “SIM Cards”.

You can purchase CDMA or GSM SIM for $15.

  • A service plan will be shipped to you, select to buy that plan.
  • You can also wait to select a plan on the website while activating the plan.

Activate the plan

  1. Red activation card

You will receive a red activation card that came along with the SIM card. The serial number will be required in the activation process. 

  1. Type the Service PIN

You can find the Service PIN at the back of your plan card. If you purchase the straight talk activation kit from the Walmart, then you can have already acquired a service plan card.

  1. Use the link
  • After acquiring the SIM go to the site-
  • Then tap on “Continue” to begin the procedure.
  1. Type the Serial Number

The serial number will depend on the phone you are using –

  • If you purchase the phone from TracFone, then type the IMEI/MEID number on your red activation card
  • If you bought the SIM from TracFone, then type the last fifteen digits of the new SIM card.
  • If you bought an iPhone from the website of Straight Talk or Walmart, then type the MEID number. 
  1. Zipcode

Type the zip code of your residence.

  1. Enter the Service PIN:

You need to enter the Service PIN and select the credit card option if you want to acquire the plan during the activation.

  1. Register to an account

You must create an account and pay with the credit card to observe your plan details.

  1. Fill your card details

If you have not activated any Service PIN then type the credit card details and select plan. You need to agree to the terms and conditions.

  1. Put your SIM card on your phone

When you reach the authorization page, then you need to put the SIM card on your gadget device. The activation process may take up to 48 hours. To confirm the activation make a call from your device.

Activate my Straight Talk phone

To activate your phone, you must follow the following steps:

Firstly, select your network gadget.
Then, pick a service plan

Activate your phone

The activation procedure is quite simple. Follow the instructions below:-

  • Keep ready the service hand and smartphone at hand.
  • Then, move to the activation portal of Straight Talk.
  • Select the device where you want the activation.
  • After that, type the SIM number. You may be asked to provide the IMEI, MEID, or serial number if you purchase the device from Straight Talk.
  • After following all the instructions, you can enjoy the advantages offered by the network operators.

The process is clear and simple but if you face some problem then we are ready to help you. You are free to contact us.

How to activate the Straight Talk iPhone

Straight Talk activation phone number: Straight Talk activation of the new phone can be done through online mode. You need to surf the site You can also generate your gadget by directly reaching out to the Straight Talk Customer Service Number to activate the phone at -1-877-430-CELL (2355) from a different device.

Let us understand how to activate the Straight Talk SIM card

 For this you need to follow the following instructions mentioned below:

  1. Buy a SIM:

Firstly, you need to check that the phone is an unlocked GSM or AT&T device which is compatible with the Network provider. If you are unsure about the compatibility then check online. You can pick up the mobile operator and keep the Phone Kit.

  1. Install your SIM:

You need to discard your old sim to install the new one. The Android user must remove the back panel of your phone. If you are an iOS user, you need to open the side tiny tray of your phone to insert the SIM. The gold sector should remain at the down portion and replace the old SIM card with the new one. The gold area should be placed down, and the uneven niche should be in the accurate place.

  1. Here’s the third point Straight Talk Activate SIM:

After installing your card you can now activate your phone. You can activate by following ways:

  • First, you need to go to the site –
  • Secondly, dial customer support at -1-855-222-2355.

Make sure you have all your essences at hand such as –

  • Your phone
  • SIM card
  • Mobile operator’s one-month service plan

If you have no plan activated then you will be required to purchase through your credit or debit cards. Whether the activation process is done through online or phone, the steps of instructions will make your Straight Talk activate SIM process much simpler.

Hence, the above details will guide you to understand how you can activate Straight Talk Phone, how you can install, purchase and activate your SIM cards.

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