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Before moving to the main topic on TBS activate, let us first know a brief about TBS.

  • TBS is an outstanding motion TV and pictures government lending firm in the United States.
  • It motivates the users to watch the competitions worldwide like the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament and also Class Baseball.
  • The station of TBS is recognised by Turner Entertainment Global.

Some of the shows that stream on the TBS platform are VIP Show-Off, Companions, Laura, the Prairie Girl, NCAA March Madness, Protected at Home, The Halloween Tree, Disapproving of the Store, Angie Tribeca, Individuals of Earth, The Joker’s Wild, Earth to America, Lord of Queens, etc.

So if you want to learn ‘How to activate TBS’ so as to watch its shows on your devices then this page is just for you. As on this page, we will guide you on the steps that are needed to activate TBS on streaming devices.

How to Activate TBS on Roku device at tbs.com/activate

Now the Roku users can wield TBS service and the steps to do so on TBS activate Roku has been stated below:

  1. Go to Roku ‘Channel Store’:

    To begin with, first, move to the Channel Store on your Roku device.

  2. Search for ‘TBS Channel’ App:

    Next, in the Channel Store, search for the TBS App by using the Search tab.

  3. Tap on ‘Add Channel’ button:

    Once you find the App, tap the button on Add Channel.

  4. ‘Activation Code’ appears on the screen:

    Now, the unique activation code for TBS Channel will be displayed on the TV screen.

  5. Visit at www.tbs.com/activate:

    Then from the computer or mobile navigate to the tbs.com/activate/roku page in the web browser.

  6. Enter the ‘Code’:

    In this step, you need to enter the provided unique code in the given box.

  7. Sign In to the TBS Channel:

    Next, by using the credentials put on by the cable providers, sign in to the TBS Channel.

  8. Follow the instructions on-screen:

    In the further process, follow the instructions prompted on-screen and complete the activation process of TBS on your Roku device.

How to Activate TBS on Fire TV through tbs.com slash activate

The complete steps on TBS activation are as follows:

  • Go to the Amazon ‘App Store’:
    Firstly, go to the App Store on your Amazon FireStick device.
  • Find ‘TBS Channel’: 
    Then, look for the TBS Channel on your screen by using the Search button.
  • Select on ‘Download’:
    Once you locate it, select the option on download.
  • Click on ‘Install’:
    Then, click the button on install.
  • Open the TBS Channel App:
    When the installation has been completed, open the Channel on your FireStick. An activation code will appear on the screen.
  • Go to http://www.tbs.com/activate
    In the next step, navigate to tbs.activate/firestick activation page from your phone or computer.
  • Fill the ‘Activation Code:
    Now, you must provide the unique code in the appropriate given field.
  • Hit on ‘Submit’:
    Lastly, hit the button on Submit in order to finish the TBS FireStick activate process on your Amazon FireStick device.

How to perform TBS Apple TV activate at tbs.com backslash activate

The points to follow are:

  • Visit Apple TV ‘App Store’:
    At first, directly visit to the App Store on your Apple TV device.
  • Tap on ‘Magnifying Glass’ symbol:
    Next, tap the icon of the magnifying glass which is at the top of the App Store page.
  • Search for ‘TBS Channel’:
    Now, search for the TBS channel app.
  • Select on ‘Access’ in order to Download:
    When you find the app, select the option on Access to get (download) the TBS Channel on your device.
  • Go to tbs.com/activate: 
    In the next step, move to www.tbs.com/activate/appletv page from the mobile or computer internet browser.
  • Enter the ‘TBS Activation Code’:
    Then, you have to enter the TBS Channel Activation Code in the given box which was provided to you in the TV screen.
  • Login to the TV supplier:
    After the activation, login to the supplier account of your TV.

Once it is done, you can now enjoy watching the shows on the TBS channel on your Apple TV device. The same method can be employed to activate TBS on Hulu and on any other streaming device.


Hence, now we hope that you can easily perform the TBS Activation process by simply following the above-stated steps one by one on your streaming device by using http://tbs.com/activate on your web browser from some different device like the computer or mobile phone to enter the TBS channel activation code.

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