How to Activate TracFone?

TracFone is a wireless service on cell phones in the United States and also in remote territories.

This blog is about activating the Tracfone activation with a sim card in a new phone, the activation kit of a Tracfone and so on.

There are different methods to activate a Tracfone:-

  • Activate Tracfone on the new phone
  • Activate a Non-Tracfone Phone

Activate Tracfone on New Phone

Go through the below-mentioned steps to complete the activation process by yourself:

  1. Visit the web browser

    From the web browser, you need to type the link If the new Phone is purchased from Tracfone and is prepared for the activation service then you can use this method.

    1. Many users might not have access to the Internet those users can get the support from Tracfone phone number at -1-800-867-7183
    to execute the activation process.

    2. Before starting the activation procedure you need to charge your mobile phone first so that it does not switch off during the process.

  2. Tap on Activate

    Now, at the top of your page, you will find the Activate button, tap on it.

  3. Choose the Continue Button

    Below “I have a TracFone Phone” you need to tap the Continue tab.

  4. Type the Serial Number

    Fill in the IMEI or MEID or the serial number. This number is available below the red activation card.

  5. Analyse and approve the terms

    Tap on the link of Terms & Conditions to check the rules and regulations, after that if you agree with the terms click on the box, “Do you accept Tracfone’s Terms & Conditions?”

  6. Click on the Continue button

     After that tap on the Continue tab.

  7. Enter the Zipcode

    Next, type the zip code of the location where you want to use the phone the most.

  8. Choose a Plan

    After you fill the Zip code you will see the plans as per your location. Choose a Plan and tap the Continue tab.

    If you do not have any Sim Cards you will be charged $0.99 along with tax and shipping charges that will be included in the plan.

  9. Pay for the plan and the SIM

    If you have an Airtime Service Plan, then type the PIN. Or else, you will be asked to choose and pay for the plan now. Go through the on-screen instructions in order to create the account, type the payment details, and provide with the requested personal information.

  10. To complete the process of activation go through the instructions carefully as shown on-screen

    Carefully follow the steps and the remaining points adapt relying on the plan, phone, and for a new number you are signing up.

    1. Already purchased the TracFone SIM, you can instantly begin utilizing your new service once you pay the payment and activate the plan.

    2. If transmitting a phone number from another service, then you will need to give the PIN and account number for the service.

Activating Non-Tracfone

Follow the steps below:-

  1. Visit the site from a browser This method is applicable when you bring the phone from another service.
    • Call at 1-800-867-7183 so that you can complete the process of activation if you do not have Internet access.
    • Charge your phone before beginning the process.
  2. Tap the GET STARTED button.
  3. Hit on the Select tab under the carrier. Not sure about the carrier you can find the name on your phone. If the SIM CARD is used on the previous phone there also you will find the carrier name.
    • GSM phones are not suitable with TracFone.
    • T-Mobile phones operate on Band II, IV, or Band 12 in particular regions to use TracFone’s 4G LTE network. Tap the Continue tab if you choose T-Mobile.
  4. Follow the instructions:
    • If you choose AT&T or T-Mobile:
      • If purchase the SIM from TracFone, then type the number issued on the SIM card activation kit into the “Yes, I already have one” blank, after that tap on the Continue tab.
      • If you did not buy a SIM from TracFone, then type the zip code into the space provided “I NEED TO PURCHASE ONE,” after that tap on BUY A SIM CARD.
    • If you choose Verizon, type the IMEI number of the phone and tap the Continue.
  5. Choose the Plan and tap the Continue button.
  6. Pay for the Plan and the SIM if required.
  7. Follow the instructions and complete the activation process. 
    • If you have the SIM from TracFone SIM, then just pay and activate the plan.
    • Switching a number from another service, you need to furnish the account number and the PIN for the service.

You might face trouble while activating Tracfone so call the Service centre to assist you to fix the problem. Call at 1-800-867-7183 from a another number and the rep will help you in improving the circumstance.

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