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Activate Trakt Tv

In today’s world, a lot of streaming entertainment shows or video sources are available, but the trouble comes at knowing the timing of shows and on where they are going to be streamed. So in order to solve this dilemma, Trakt Tv brings for you to track your shows, videos, and movies that you are looking for. Thereby to manipulate the service provided by Trakt Tv, you can use it on scrobbling in order to combine either with your computer home theatre or on any of the media centers like Plex, MediaPortal, Kodi, Netflix, VLC, Stremio, Alexa, Emby, and so on and then everything will be done automatically. We can also track it on our phone if we wish to by enabling the options available to check on the phone where it will make known to us where to watch our shows.

When you activate Trakt Tv, it will always maintain all your past watch history by tracking movies, shows and much more stuff that you have watched or visited even once.

So here we just need to create an account and then connect it to any of your desirable media players with the help of the Trakt Tv activation link on web browsing site.

Here in this article, we will guide you on to Trakt Tv activate on your Trakt tv activate devices by using the link on and then entering the Trakt Tv activate QR code.

How To Activate

You can scrobble and enjoy all your favorite and entertainment Tv shows and videos with Trakt Tv tv activate on whichever you are streaming on www.trakttv/activate and will track all of your watching histories after which it would become a part of the global community of the fans and also a part of the Tv.

You need to go through the below process thoroughly in order to activate your Trakt tv activate.

As a user if you possess the Plugins media center, then it will be easier for you as it will permit you to get sync with your Trakt tv account and then you won’t need to give your Username and the account password to login in order to activate. The media centre plugin will help you out to sign in to your account directly through the accounts on social networks.

So here we present you the easiest and simple steps so that you can get connected to the Trakt Tv with your Media Player or PC home theatre.

You have to just visit the Trakt Tv company official website @ trakt tv and then you can create your Trakt Tv account.

The procedure on activating Trakt.Tv is described in detail through the below steps:

  1. Go to https Trakt tv activate:

    Firstly, from any of your preferred web browsers you need to go to https trakt tv activate on its official website.

  2. Enter your details:

    Next, you have to type your details such as the Username, Email ID, account password and the Confirm password. Also, make sure to tick mark the ‘Terms and Conditions’ section.

  3. Click on ‘Join Trakt’

    Then, click on the ‘Join Trakt’ tab and then you have to open the Trakt on the Media centre.

  4. ‘Trakt tv activate code’ will be sent to you:

    When it opens up, an eight digit ‘https trakt tv activate pin code’ will be displayed on your screen.
    But if by any chance you didn’t find the eight digits ‘Trakt Tv activation code’, then you must go to the ‘Settings on Plugin’ and after that, you need to look for ‘Authentication Section’. After a while, a set of instructions and the ‘https trakt tv activate pin’ will appear on your screen.

  5. Type the Trakt tv activate link on your device:

    After you have performed and completed the above steps, you move to the browsing site and then from your device which you want to use, go to https trakt tv activate.

  6. Type the http trakt tv activate code:

    Now, on visiting the website @https trakt tv activate, then enter the pin which is the eight digits activation code’ and then hit on the ‘Continue’ button.

  7. Notification on ‘Allow access’:

    A notification on ‘Trakt Tv allow access’ will be sent to you so that you can use the account for the Media performer. And then, you need to select the button on ‘Yes’.

  8. Confirmation message:

    At the last step, you need to be back on your Media device and then a confirmation mail will be sent to you as your Trakt Tv is activated.

Note:- If you wish to connect other devices on Trakt Tv account, you can do so but be careful about doing so, as each of the devices must have a unique trakt tv activation code and must follow the same steps mentioned above in order to activate trakt tv.

How To Do Trakt Tv Activate On Kodi

Trakt Tv activate Kodi Jarvis:

  • Firstly, open the Kodi.
  • Click on the ‘Settings’ tab.
  • Hit on ‘Add-Ons’.
  • Then click on ‘Install from repository’
  • Now, click on the ‘Kodi Add on repository’.
  • Next, click on the ‘Program Add-Ons’.
  • Click on ‘Trakt’ and then ‘Install’.
  • Hold for some time for the ‘Add-on enabled’ message.
  • Now, a pop-up message asking to go to the website at
  • Open the Trakt Tv activate link on your preferred web browser on and enter the activation code on Kodi and then select the ‘Continue’ tab.
  • Choose the ‘Yes’ option when it is asked to allow the Trakt Tv for the Kodi in order to use the account.
  • A notification on your device getting connected will be prompted on your screen which will get refreshed automatically.
  • Now, return back to Kodi and just highlight the Trakt tab.
  • Select the ‘Context’ section.
  • Then click on ‘Configure’.
  • Next, in the Exclusion section enable the ‘Exclude Live TV’.
  • In the Scrobbling section, you need to enable the four choices available.
  • And in the Synchronize, go to the Service tab and then enable everything which you want to watch.
  • At last click on ‘OK’ to finalize your settings and complete the process.

Thus, this article has been put forward to you so that each user of Trakt tv can get every single information to activate and at the same time on how to get and enter the code through

 But if you have any issues and want to ask on your queries then you can get help from the customer support helpdesk.