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WeTV is a well known pay TV channel which mainly focuses on lifestyle and entertainment programs and targets women specially as ‘WE’. Earlier ‘WE’ was abbreviated as Women’s Entertainment.

The channels were made available for the connecting services which also includes the service providers such as BBC America, AMC, Sundance TV, We TV and IFC.

Today, more than 85M household has this channel in America and is also accessible on prominent cable, IPTV, satellite, streaming media like Dish Network, YouTube TV, Verizon FiOS, DirecTV, FuboTV, AT&T U-verse, Sling TV, Philo and many more. One can skillfully access the WeTV on streaming media devices such as Fire TV, Roku, Android or Apple by activating WeTV through page.

In this blog, you will get to know on how to perform WeTV Activate on your preferred streaming media player through www.wetv/activate page. Thereby we advise you to read this blog till the end.

How to activate WeTV on Fire TV or Amazon Fire Stick:

The steps to activate WeTV Firestick are as follows:

  1. Turn ‘ON’ Fire TV:

    To begin with, first turn the Fire TV On to activate WeTV on it.

  2. Navigate to ‘Apps Store’:

    Next, directly navigate to the App Store on your Amazon Fire TV.

  3. Search for ‘WeTV’:

    Then, you must look for ‘WeTV’ Channel in the Search box and click on the Search button.

  4. Select on it when you get the desired result:

    Now, you must select on the WeTV Channel app when you find it on the search result.

  5. Tap on ‘Download’ and ‘Install’ it:

    Once the preview page appears, you must tap on the download and then Install the application on your device.

  6. Sign In to the WeTV:

    In this step, when it is installed, you need to sign in the account on WeTV (if needed).

  7. Activation Code will be displayed on the screen:

    When logged in to your WeTV app, the activation code will appear on the screen of your device or you can even find the code in the application.

  8. Note or copy the activation code:

    Once you receive the code you must copy or note down the activation code which will be required in the further process.

  9. Go to

    Next, you must visit at page from your preferred web browser on your computer or mobile device.

  10. Type the Code:

    Then, in the activation page you have to type or paste the activation code in the given field.

  11. Hit on ‘Submit’:

    Now, hit the button on Submit.

  12. Perform the instructions prompted on-screen:

    Lastly, make sure to simply perform the instructions that are prompted on-screen in order to accomplish the process on WeTV activation.

Once you complete the process successfully, now you can easily get access to WeTV channel on the Amazon FireStick device.

How to activate WeTV on Android:

The information you need to activate WeTV on an Android TV are stated below:

  1. Visit at ‘Play Store’ App:
    At first, visit the Play Store on the Android TV device.
  2. Find ‘WeTV’ channel:
    Then, look for the WeTV channel application in the search bar with the help of the Search tab.
  3. Download and Install the app:
    Once you find the WeTV app click on download and then install the application on your Android TV device.
  4. Launch the App:
    Next, launch the app and get logged in to the WeTV by using the required login credentials.
  5. An ‘Activation Code’ will appear:
    Now, an activation code will get displayed on the screen which you require to copy.
  6. Visit at
    Open the web browser on the computer or mobile device and visit the WeTV activation page through this link.
  7. Type the Activation Code:
    Next, you must type the provided code in the given field.
  8. Tap on the ‘Submit’ option:
    At last, you have to tap the option on submit and simply follow the instructions to complete the process, and then you will be accessible to the WeTV Channel App on the Android TV device.

Note: If you do not see the code on the screen, you must check into the section on ‘Settings’ or you can even contact the channel provider.

How to do WeTV activate on Roku device:

Here are the steps one must follow to activate WeTV Channel app through Roku device:

  • Sign In to the Roku account and press ‘Home’ key:
    At first, you need to Sign In to the Roku account on the Roku device and then press the home key on the Roku remote.
  • Click on Streaming Channels tab and select Roku Channel Store:
    Now you will be prompted to the Roku account home screen where you need to click on its Streaming Channel tab and select on Roku Channel store button.
  • Use search tab to look for WeTV Channel:
    Next, search for the WeTV Channel App by using the search tab in the Channel Store. You can even browse the list of applications to get the WeTV app.
  • The preview page will appear:
    When you get the app on WeTV channel, you must open it to fetch the preview page.
  • Tap on ‘Add Channel’:
    On fetching the preview page tap on the Add Channel button and follow the instructions on-screen to install the application on the list of Roku Channel.
  • Go to Home screen again and launch the app:
    Once the installation is done, you need to go back on the Roku home screen and then launch the WeTV application from the channels list that are available on the Roku account.
  • Sign In to WeTV account:
    When asked to be signed in the WeTV account, you need to use the credentials given by the service provider to get logged in.
  • An Activation Code will be seen:
    When logged in an activation code will be seen on the screen. If the activation code is not seen on your screen, then move to your Settings section of the application or you can even contact the service provider. Make sure to note the activation code.
  • Go to Roku:
    Then, open the web browser and go to the wetv activation page on your PC or phone.
  • Enter the Activation Code:
    On the next step, you must enter the code provided to you in the activation page.
  • Select on ‘Submit’ option:
    Then, select the option on submit.
  • Perform the instructions:
    In order to complete the activation process of WeTV app, simply perform the instructions that are prompted on-screen.
    On successful completion of the process, you can now enjoy streaming the WeTV Channel app on the Roku device.

How to perform activation WeTV on Apple TV device:

The steps are as follows:

  •  Go to ‘App Store’:
    Firstly, turn on your Apple TV and then go to its App Store.
  • Find ‘WeTV’ App by using the search button:
    Now, find the WeTV Channel App in the search box by clicking on Search.
  • Download and Install the app:
    Next, when you get the app, tap the download option and install the application on the Apple TV.
  • Launch the WeTV Channel:
    Once the installation is completed, you need to launch the app on the Apple TV. You may also be prompted to Sign In to the WeTV account.
  • Activation Code will appear on the screen:
    Once you are done with the login process an activation code will get displayed on the screen. You can look for it on the Settings section. If the activation is not yet seen then you can contact the TV provider.
  • Visit at
    Next, in the web browser of your mobile or computer device visit to the WeTV activation page through the WeTV website.
  • Fill the activation Code:
     In this step, you have to fill the code which was provided to you in its appropriate field.
  • Click on ‘Submit’ tab:
    Lastly, click the tab on submit and then simply go through the instructions that are prompted on-screen to complete the process of activation. Then you can stream on the WeTV channel on the Apple TV device.


Hence, the above-mentioned methods along with the steps are needed to activate WeTV through page depending on the device you use whether it is your Amazon FireStick TV, Android, Roku or Apple TV. Just make sure to thoroughly follow the steps to complete the activation process successfully.

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