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The activation of YouTube is processed through the Google account a user holds. To continue with youtube com activate on devices such as Apple, Roku, Wii, Xbox, etc, or any other supported devices, YouTube renders an activation code to the devices with the help of a Google account. The installation procedure requires the activation code for sign-in. This activation code can be acquired through the Google+ or Gmail account of the user which is directly linked with the YouTube account. After the account is synchronized, the user can access the device and the YouTube application.

Activate YouTube through

To activate YouTube through follow the steps discussed below and stream videos.

  • To proceed with the activation process, open the YouTube application on the device, and then go to the ‘Settings’. A ‘Link Device’ option is available under the settings menu. After clicking onto it, the activation code can be seen for The activation code brings new devices to get each other connected.
  • Next, connect the mouse to the computer or a laptop. Then, visit the YouTube account and check the category of ‘Connected Devices’. After proceeding with the action, the activation code will be promoted on the display by the browser for Then click on to ‘Add’. This is a one-time process and it is done initially to activate youtube. However, later while accessing YouTube this process is never carried out unless shifted to a new device or account.
  • Another way to retrieve the activation code is to visit YouTube and directly login to the account. This process will also generate the activation code on the screen. Through any standard browser on a laptop or a computer, the code is fed to activate youtube. After the activation code is entered, proceed with a click on ‘Allow’, and then Youtube can be accessed.

Activate YouTube through the alternate method using

An alternate method to activate youtube is convenient and a substitute for the above-mentioned method. All it needs is to floor the steps mentioned below.

  • First, go to the device’s ‘Settings’ section of the youtube widget. 
  • Then choose ‘Connect to Mobile devices’ and go to the browser of the smartphone and click on the link,
  • Next,  A code will be generated. Enter the code with a click on ‘Add’ on the TV and then the service can be accessed easily. 

Hence, the alternate method will assist in the process of activation of youtube in any device for users to stream any videos of their choice.

Charges, Subscriptions and Plan of YouTube TV

To access YouTube Tv, visit the website and avail 7 to 14 days( optional for some cases) free-trial. After the expiry of the term, a fee of 49.99$ per month for over 70 channels is charged by YouTube under its policies and additional add-on channels are also available at extra cost. To obtain free-trail access to YouTube Tv, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Start with a click on ‘Try it for free’.
  •  Provide address credentials such as area Zip Code.

Thus with these two easy steps, a user can access YouTube Tv for free. Presently, the United States has the accessibility of YouTube Tv and are looking forward to a worldwide in the near future.

YouTube TV Features

The most prominent feature of YouTube Tv is that it permits the limitless cloud DVR. Allowing cloud DVR for YouTube marks its position unique in comparison to the other applications. Being a product of Google it allows unlimited recordings which can be stored for 9 months, which no other applications offering streaming services have succeeded so far. It permits 6 users to create an account and 3 users can access the account at the same time. Unlike Hulu, permits each user to access a separate account and experience as per their personalization and choice on streaming services. This is due to the separate account created by the Hulu users with different login credentials 

Other features such as voice control, where a user can adjust the voice as per their desire. Picture in and Picture mode options for viewing, on-demand for content, and many more are made accessible for the users of YouTube Tv.

YouTube Tv for Roku

Learn about the ways to get started with YouTube Tv on the Roku Tv.

  • Start by visiting the website of YouTube, through a computer.
  • Next, click on to the ‘Try for Free’ option to get started with it.
  • Proceed with a sign in to the Google account. If you haven’t created then create one. 
  • Following the above, permissions will be sought such as the location of the users to continue with the personalization of the viewing experience.
  • Then, channels will be displayed according to the region a user accesses the YouTube Tv.
  • Select the channels as per wish and continue further if add-on channels are required. An additional cost will be charged as a fee for such add-on’s.
  • Finally, confirm with the list and the channels will be all set for viewing.

Thus, following the above method, YouTube Tv can be accessed on Roku.

Activate YouTube Tv through for Roku

To proceed with the activation of YouTube Tv for Roku using, the process described below will guide in the activation of YouTube.

  • Start by switching on the Smart Tv and scroll for the YouTube Tv app and add it.
  • Then open the YouTube app and continue by choosing ‘Already a Member’.
  • Next, click on to the button of sign-in on the Tv.
  • Proceed with a visit to or through the PC or Smartphone or tablet and continue by entering the code on the Roku (on the smart Tv at the initial step) channel.
  • Following the above procedure by clicking ‘Next’ and then sign in with the same Google account used for purchasing the subscription to YouTube Tv.
  • Finally, within a few seconds YouTube will be set to be viewed by the user.

Thus, the above-stated method will assist in the activation of YouTube Tv on Roku. In case if the code is not displayed on the screen then, restart the procedure again as quickly as possible to avoid the expiry of the activation code.

About YouTube Tv

YouTube TV, a live premium video streaming device with services that offer movies, live shows, and programs for over 70 channels or more.  It resembles Netflix and Hulu Live + Tv. In the year 2017, when it gained popularity across the world, consequently it launched its own services of YouTube Tv. At the beginning of its launch, limited popular locations across North America had access to YouTube Tv. With the increase in popularity in the year 2019, it expanded over 210 destinations in the region of the United States. YouTube Tv can be accessed only in the selected regions across the globe and are in the process of distributing worldwide.

With the on-demand by the subscribers, YouTube Tv has unified with various sports, entertainment and news channels to provide the latest of what is available to its viewers.

Channels such as AMC, BBC World News, Bravo, CNN, Disney Channel, Fox News, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, TNT and many more premium channels are aired for its viewers. YouTube Tv also offers add-on packages of premium channels. This can be obtained by paying additional charges. Devices such as Apple Tv, Amazon Fire Tv, Chromecast, LG Tv, PS4, Roku Tv, Smart Tv, Samsung Tv, Xbox One and many more supported devices can be utilised to watch YouTube Tv. A fee of 49.99$ is charged per month for the subscription of YouTubeTv. To access YouTubeTv with the favourite shows following the subscription, users need to visit the website

Support for the activation of YouTube.

If any issue is faced by a user during the process of activation using the activation code, then the support team can be contacted anytime to resolve the issue. The Os4youtube Activate Support Centre will assist in every possible way to resolve the issue of the activation of YouTube. It is a third-party service that provides assistance to the users for YouTube activation through activation code.

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